Please make an appointment by visiting our Consulting Room.

To find out the most recent COVID impact on our Practice service, please find more info on our 19th July Onwards news item.

We understand the current frustrations our patients have had regarding the difficulties of accessing our telephone service. We are trying to manage the patient queuing time by our dedicated reception team within 30 minutes.

Routine Appointments

Our routine GP appointments are 10 minutes long. This is long enough to deal with one problem or one or two very brief problems.

If you have several problems to deal with, please ask for a double appointment (20 minutes) or arrange to come and see us again on another day.

We try to be as flexible as possible, but please do not be offended if the doctor asks you to book another appointment once your allocated time has run out as there will be other people waiting.

We recognise that some people like to book appointments to see the doctor in advance to fit in with their work or other commitments.

Same Day Appointments

We also recognise that some people like to call and have an appointment on the same day. Some people have routine matters they wish to discuss and some have urgent problems needing prompt attention.

We do our very best to meet all of these varying needs within the limitations of the number of doctors and appointments we have available. Three types of appointment are available to you.

Types of Appointments

Telephone Consultations

From 11th Oct 2021, our Practice has resumed both face to face and telephone consultations, which can be directly booked by patients by calling our reception team. Both types of appointments are offered for bookable in advance and same day urgent. For those booked for telephone consultations, patient will still be asked by the doctor to come in for face to face if needed.

Online system for booking appointments is currently still disabled. We will still carry out the patient covid screening at the doorstep for those coming for face to face appointments. Any change in the future will be updated on our website.

We apologise that we currently have suspended booking appointments over the reception desk. This may change in the near future and we will update patients on our website.

Again, we understand it is difficult. For any urgent enquiries, please try to call us at 8am on the day, so hopefully we can offer you an available same day appointment. Our current telephone system will allow maximum 10 patients in the queue, and you may get a voice message informing “our telephone line is full, please call us later.” Please do keep trying to call us again.

If you are still struggling on getting through our telephone line and still need an urgent access to our service, thanks to our NHS 111 service, you can also try to call them for any urgent same day enquiries. We have everyday duty doctor’s appointments available for NHS 111 to book on our system within the practice opening time. Please be kindly suggested that our reception team can’t help you on booking with these slots, as they are only for 111 call handlers to book if needed.

For more info on NHS 111 call, please see the When to use 111 page on the NHS website, or find more about NHS 111 online on the website.

By the time you are waiting to get a doctor’s appointment, you may also consider

  • The local pharmacies can help you on any minor ailment service
  • Our own clinical pharmacist can help you if it’s about hypertension
  • Our 1st contact physiotherapist may help you if it’s the first time you have got any Musculoskeletal concern such as back pain or shoulder pain

Cancelled Appointments

Appointments with the doctors and nurses are always in high demand.

We ask that you keep or cancel appointments in good time to avoid wasting appointments that someone else could use.

Failure to Attend Appointments

Repeated non-attendance is unfair on our other patients. If you fail to attend an appointment and don’t let us know within a timescale that would allow someone else to use the appointment this will be recorded in your medical records.

If you repeatedly fail to attend appointments your GP will write to you warning that this is unacceptable and if it continues you will be asked to leave our practice list.